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Arriving home to a bumper harvest 28.10.2009
Kim gets a happy ending 26.10.2009
Monastic town of New Norcia 25.10.2009
Motorcycle Grand Prix 24.10.2009
Finding a Kiwi icon in a day of indulgence 23.10.2009
Back to the big smoke! 22.10.2009
Oh, the humidity! 22.10.2009
End of an adventure 21.10.2009
Like a bull in a china shop; like a buffalo in a gift shop 20.10.2009
Funeral rites for infants 19.10.2009
Hallelujah! We can eat dogs! 18.10.2009
Attending a Toraja Funeral 18.10.2009
Tedious bus ride to Tana Toraja 17.10.2009
Let's sponsor a mass circumcision! 16.10.2009
Oh, for a freshwater shower! 15.10.2009
Two Days of Diving 14.10.2009
Boating to Bunaken 13.10.2009
Morning in Manado 13.10.2009
Err ... Should we even be flying? 12.10.2009
Nightstop or not 11.10.2009
Kim does a Linda Blair 07.10.2009
Fremantle and friends 05.10.2009
Feeling young once more 04.10.2009
Leaving home 04.10.2009